Candle Requests - "Limited Edition"

Do you have a specific candle scent in mind that you just absolutely love? 
Please let us know! 
We are creating a new collection of candles called "Limited Edition."  These candles will be made in smaller batches, and will be limited in stock.
(100% soy + wood wicks)  - 16oz option only-
You tell us what you want, and we will do our very best to create it for you! As demand increases, we will keep making them!  If your favorite scent is sold out, contact us and let us know! It will help us prioritize these new scents.
Once your request is on the website, we will let you know so you can go purchase it! Also, if you intend to purchase more than 3, let us know in your request so we can have the right amount of fragrance ordered.
If we absolutely strike out finding fragrance oil that will work, we will let you know.