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Rekindled Memories

At Cook Candle Company, we aim to bring old memories to life through fragrance.  We develop our candle scents to express some of our own memories, but also to help others experience some of theirs.

So many options to choose from!! If you have trouble, check out our wax melts for samplers!

If you want more in depth scent descriptions, check out our 16 ounce product page. We have all of scents featured on that page!

Is it safe for me?

Such a blessing!

Your candles have been such a wonderful blessing! They fill my home even more than expected. Thank you so much!

-Jan C.

Such Wonderful Memories

Your candles bring back so many memories. Delicious, Delicious memories!

Susan L.

Strong product for the price

Your candles are super strong and last even longer than described. Cheaper price than most places I've seen also! Thanks!

Zachary H.