Chocolate 16oz *Redeemed Women*

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This candle is our first step within this company to start giving back to an awesome local ministry.  All of the proceeds for this candle go to Redeemed Women, an organization that serves the under-served women in South Dallas.To learn more about what they do, go to their website at

The inspiration behind the name is from the founder of Redeemed Women: Aelicia Watson, also known as Chocolate. This candle, while titled "Chocolate", doesn’t smell like chocolate at all. In fact, it’s a combination of cactus flower, lime, coconut, and vanilla. 

Our hope is that you will enjoy the delicious benefits from this candle and when someone asks you why it doesn’t smell like chocolate, you can tell them about Redeemed Women and how Chocolate is spreading the love of Jesus and helping women in South Dallas, TX. 

Primary Fragrance: Cactus Flower

Mid Fragrances: Lime and Coconut

Base Fragrance: Vanilla