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Party Pack 16 oz Candles

Party Pack 16 oz Candles

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Do you have a party, wedding, or special event coming up?  Give your guests the gift of your favorite candle!  This pack includes 16 oz candles with the scent of your choice.  
We CAN do custom labels! The basics of our label will remain the same, but the bold text in the middle is what can be customized to fit your event.  Examples could include: "Party at the Cooks" or "Mr. & Mrs. Cook 9-15-2018"
We will also confirm the design any time there is a custom label request.  

Within each party pack, you can only have 1 custom label for all the candles, but you can have variations of our fragrances if you'd like.  If there are multiple fragrances, however, the label will not identify which is which.  For example, say Mr. & Mrs. Cook are getting married. Their his and her scents are Full Grain & Vanilla Pine.  The label won't reflect that though. 

We trust that our fragrances speak for themselves!


Please allow 3 weeks for custom label shipping.

If your event is relatively close to Northlake, Tx, local pickup is DEFINITELY your best option, and we can meet up with you to make that even easier! If you are 3-5 hours away and your order is over 100 candles, we will meet you half way. These candles are heavy and extremely fragile, so shipping is terribly expensive. 

Orders over 100 Candles require local pickup in Northlake, Tx. If shipping is necessary for orders over 100 candles, we will negotiate a rate (post-checkout) through email. There are too many variables when dealing with this much weight and fragility to calculate a rate through our site.  We will figure out a cost, and send a secondary invoice for shipping.  If you are not ok with the amount, we can refund the purchase, no problem!

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